Cajoe in a Cup

The Original Avocado Coffee

We’ve blended the perfect amount of avocado with premium coffee to deliver a velvety smooth brain and body boost. Each Avocajoe (a-VO-kah-JOE) has a third of your daily healthy fats* and more than 20 vitamins and minerals.

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*1/3rd of the daily recommended 33g monounsaturated fat intake, based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Avocajoe Products

Human-Compatible Beverages

No Sugar, No Nuts, No Gluten, Fully Plant-based & Non GMO.

Avocajoe Vanilla
Avocajoe Mocha
Avocajoe Dark Roast
The Coffee

Premium Caffeine

If you’re like the majority of Americans, your first stop in the morning is the nearest coffee shop for a cup of the good stuff. If you’re like us at Avocajoe, you’re never more than 20 feet from a pot of coffee!

In addition to energizing us go-getters, coffee can increase fat burning by up to 29%. Take that Atkins, we’re on the bean juice diet!

Natural Ingredients

No Preservatives, 100% Plant-Based

We keep it natural by keeping preservatives out of Avocajoe. With our limited list of plant-based ingredients, what you see is what you get!


The Good Kind of Fat

You know Avocados are good for you, but how much nutrition is packed into them?

Just one avocado contains 20 vitamins and minerals and includes beneficial compounds that can enhance the nutritional quality of your diet. Avocados have naturally good fats (mono- and polyunsaturated) with the essential fatty acids needed for brain health and development! They’ve got oleic acid, to reduce inflammation; protein, to keep you going all day; and fiber, to keep you feeling fuller longer. That’s right, you can drink your fiber with Avocajoe!

How We Stack Up

Avocajoe Vs The Competition

We're not just better, we're better for you!

O Added Sugar

100 Calories

O Cholesterol

3g Carbohydrate

Monounsaturated Fat

(Good Fat from Avocado)

1OO% Plant-based


"Bulletproof Coffee"

(average ready to drink butter coffee)

O Added Sugar

18O Calories

2Omg Cholesterol

22g Carbohydrate

Saturated Fat

(Dairy & Coconut)

Contains Dairy


* Based on Avocajoe Vanilla & Dark Roast
1% for the planet
Be 1% Better.

We've only got one planet! At Avocajoe, we believe in giving back to the environment that has allowed us to thrive and do what we do best. Through our 1% for the Planet membership, we are committed to supporting environmental and nutrition focused nonprofits.

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