Cold Brew Coffee

With Avocado M*lk

With half an avocado of healthy fat and more than 20 vitamins & minerals!

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The Original Avocado Coffee

No Sugar, No Nuts, No Gluten, Fully Plant-based & Non GMO.

Avocajoe Vanilla
Avocajoe Mocha
Avocajoe Dark Roast

135mg Caffeine

Ethically Sourced



½ an Avocado's Fat


100% Vegan

135mg Caffeine

Ethically Sourced



½ an Avocado's Fat

KETO Certified


100% Vegan

Avocado... Coffee?

Cold Brew Coffee + Avocado M*lk

No, it’s not coffee made from avocado pits, it’s not green, and it does not taste like guacamole! We use avocados to make a delicious dairy-free m*lk, packed with healthy fats and more than 20 vitamins & minerals, and add that to premium Cold Brew Coffee. In addition to energizing us go-getters, coffee can increase fat burning by up to 29%. Take that Atkins, we’re on the bean juice diet!

Why Avocados?

Ditch the Dairy, Keep the Fat

An avocado has more healthy fat than a glass of milk, and our Avocado M*lk’s nutritional value blows other dairy alternatives out of the water!


Upcycling Avocados

We only use ugly avocados in our Avocado Coffee, the fruit that would typically be thrown out. Saving these avocados gives growers an extra revenue stream and keeps the pretty ones on the shelf for your favorite recipe!

Giving Back

Be One Percent Better

We've only got one planet! At Avocajoe, we believe in giving back to the environment that has allowed us to thrive and do what we do best. Through our 1% for the Planet membership, we are committed to supporting environmental and nutrition focused nonprofits.


What People Are Saying

(They Love it!)

Very surprised by these coffees - never heard of them prior to now... didn't even know there was a such thing as avocado milk, but pleasantly surprised. Great packaging, very appealing product. Perfect for those who can't drink milk either. Overall satisfied!

- Kristi, Verified Purchaser

I love the mocha so far! The monk fruit sweetener is perfect. Not too sweet at all. I definitely like the creaminess of the avocado... Overall I think you guys created an awesome product!!!

- Crystal, Kickstarter Backer

I like the vanilla... I've tried other "keto coffees" before, or ones with no/very little sugar. There is that familiar taste of that, but the avocado makes it nice and smooth.

- Kendra, Kickstarter Backer

I love avocados and I love coffee. What an amazing combination and totally brilliant! I am all about the healthy fats and it tastes great as well!

- Rachel, Verified Purchaser

I’m digging the mocha flavor the best after trying all three. They keep me from getting hungry in the morning while I get to work and taste yum! I drink it cold or add it to my coffee sometimes.

- Ahmad, Verified Purchaser

Very tasty and gives great energy with a hint of avocado

- Brant, Verified Purchaser

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